Data Choice

Data Choice (DCT)

Last update of this project: 01.08.2018


Main info:
6.5? ICO score
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Type: Pre-ICO
Category: Internet
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: Yes
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 7 500 000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 65 000 000 USD
Tokens for sale: 650 000 000 DCT
Token price: 1 DCT = 0.10 USD
Minimum purchase: 1 000.00 DCT
Maximum purchase: 100 000 000.00 DCT
Airdrop program: Yes
Bounty program: Yes
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: No
White paper: Open
Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Platform: Ethereum
Exchange markets: Stock 1
Location: United Kingdom


Data Choice are changing digital marketing by putting you back in control of your personal data and how it is used today for marketing. Allowing you choice in what you share, what you don't, the ads that you see and reward you for your data being used


Start date is to be announced
Development 27.00%
Talent Acquisition 13.00%
Legal undefined Professional 13.00%
Events undefined Marketing 8.00%
Reserve (for ad network working capital) 27.00%
Buffer 2.00%
Bonuses and discounts
Early Stage Pre TGE Sale: +22.5%
Early Stage Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: +10%
Stage A Pre TGE Sale: +22.5%
Stage A Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: +8.5%
Stage A+ Pre TGE Sale: +22.5%
Stage A+ Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: + 7%
Stage B Pre TGE Sale: + 18%
Stage B Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: + 5.5%
Stage B+ Pre TGE Sale: + 18%
Stage B+ Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: + 4%
Stage B++ Pre TGE Sale: + 18%
Stage B++ Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: + 2.5%
Private Pre TGE Sale: + 15%
Private Pre TGE Sale Volume Bonus Up To: + 1%
Crowd Sale Pre-TGE Sale Phase 1: +12.5%
Crowd Sale Pre-TGE Sale Phase 2: + 10%
Crowd Sale Pre-TGE Sale Phase 3: + 7.5%
Crowd Sale Pre-TGE Sale Phase Final: + 5%


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06.08.2018 Data Audience Platform Prototype Build

31.08.2018 Demand Side Platform Build

10.09.2018 Data Audience Platform Prototype Completion undefined Testing

17.09.2018 Data Audience Platform Prototype Adjustments

24.09.2018 Data Audience Platform Full Build

31.10.2018 Demand Side Platform Completion

05.11.2018 Demand Side undefined Data Platform Integration undefined Testing

31.01.2019 Platform Launch


Andrew Bruce

Managing Director

Sean Worrell


David French

Business Development

Graza Garlewicz

Account Strategist

Will Levitt

Head Of Digital

Gemma Pftap

Account Strategist




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