FairWin (FWIN)

Last update of this project: 02.07.2018


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5.8? ICO score
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Type: ICO
Category: Gambling
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 6.000.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 25.000.000 USD
Tokens for sale: 1.500.000.000 FWIN
Token price: 1 FWIN = 0.001 USD
Airdrop program: No
Bounty program: No
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: No
White paper: Open
Currencies: BTC, ETH, ZEC
Platform: Ethereum
Location: United Kingdom


FairWin is a decentralized online gambling platform that ensures fairness of winnings, as our special FairChannel guarantees the precise RTP rate. The system is based on Blockchain, which means the game process is open. The payment of winnings is automated and does not depend on the organizers. Apart from that we provide interesting, atmospheric games with captivating graphics, which can be run on any device and in any browser, so that all players can enjoy the experience.


Start date is to be announced
Development 50.00%
Legal Expenses 20.00%
PR, advertising 20.00%
Operating costs 10.00%
Bonuses and discounts
Stage 1: 50%
Stage 2: 40%
Stage 3: 30%
Stage 4: 20%
Stage 5: 10%


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Fans count: 2852
Posts count: 315
Latest tweets
Followers count: 455
Tweets count: 476


09.05.2018 3 slot games and European Roulette

23.06.2018 Game platform prototype publication

08.08.2018 11 slot games, blackjack

19.09.2018 FairChannel release,  37 games in total

22.11.2018 88 games in total. Games licensing


Roman Morozov

CEO - Entrepreneur, visionary, jack of all trades.

Sergey Bolshakov

Lead developer with 9 years of experience.

Alex Svetlov

Strong PR professional.

Cameron Davis

Web designer working around the clock.

Tom Bailey

Working as a graphic designer for 10 years.

Andrew Harrington

Marketing specialist. Enthusiastic person.

Mark Peters

Frontend developer best at JavaScript, C# , Java.

Mihai Morosanu

Frontend developer with 150 games created.


Github commits for the last 6 months
Global rank: 5.587.318 Alexa rank for FairWin ICO


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