Foundico Success Rating (FSR)

FSR (Foundico Success Rating) shows the success rating for ICO projects, calculated as the ratio between raised and planned funds. The algorithm compares the amount of raised funds and the current time period for each ICO and calculates the success rating based on the current state. The data shall be updated every 12 hours.

* L - Live project,  E - Ended projects

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Name End date* Completion Score Collected ($) Planned ($) In percentages Success

With the cryptocurrency market consistently booming and with more than 1,500 ICOs currently existing, there is a need for investors to be provided with mechanisms with which they can differentiate success prone ICOs from the scams out there. In line with this need, we have set in place a relevant ICO rating tool for investors. ICO ratings tool essentially evaluate ICOs and, conduct an independent analytical research on such ICO projects. Consequently, it would give the evaluated Blockchain projects their deserved ratings.

In this section, the ratings would be calculated as the quotient between planned funds and successfully raised funds. If a major amount of funds are raised within the time period designated for the ICO, then the success ratings would be impressive. If not, then the ICO success ratings would be poor. You should also note that the results would be displayed every twelve hours on a daily basis.

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